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  • OCS-PPF190

Size:1.524m x 15m /Roll
Unit Price:1150 USD/Roll
Teber abrasion:<3.5 g
Gloss value:>0.80
Tensile Strength:>65 psi
Elongation at Brea:>4.5
Outdoor Weathering:No Change
Total thickness:290 μm
Usage thickness:190 μm

Product Description

No.1 Protecting Paint

Sticking 190μm thickness of transparent TPU Paint Protection Film,to form active defense layer,and provide your cars for a long time,all-weather,various protection.

No.2 Brighten Paint

Molecules of film are arranged in rhombus,to increase the reflectivity of light,brightness is increased by 30% than metal paint.

No.3 Stealth Film

Advanced stretch positioning material can be seamlessly fit on the car paint.Film,paint,car,three into one,it's difficult find its existence.

No.4 Scratch Removal

High toughness and ductility,not easy to be scratched,with special function of self-healing.

No.5 High Stability

Effective protection temperature range minus 40 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius,and it can be applicable to most different environment.

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